Rheumatology Network's Top 5: Q2 Expert Interviews

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Take a few minutes to check out Rheumatology Network's top expert interviews from Q2 2022.

Massimo Radin, MD, PhD: TuTOR App Tailors Oral Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Massimo Radin, MD, PhD, explains how tailoring oral therapy in rheumatoid arthritis, via the TuTOR App, can improve medication adherence.

Terence Rooney, MD: Innovative Aspects of Future-Facing Research in Psoriatic Arthritis

Terence Rooney, MD, explains the innovative research methods that Janssen utilizes and the benefits of precision medicine in the treatment of psoriatic arthritis.

Frédéric Lavie, MD, PhD: Efficacy of Guselkumab Across Multiple Disease Domains of Psoriatic Arthritis

Frédéric Lavie, MD, PhD, explains the results of the data presented at EULAR evaluating guselkumab for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis.

Leonard Calabrese, DO: Immunology for the Rheumatologist

Leonard Calabrese, DO, explains the history of interferon history in rheumatology, immunology for the rheumatologist, and COVID-19 immunology regarding autoimmune and inflammatory manifestations.

Jeffrey Stark, MD: Latest Bimekizumab Data for Treatment of Psoriatic Arthritis, Psoriasis

Jeffrey Stark, MD, discusses the latest bimekizumab and certolizumab pegol data presented at the 2022 American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting.