Empowering Patients: Navigating the Progression Risks of Actinic Keratosis and Optimizing Treatment Selection

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In this episode of MEDcast, expert dermatologists discuss actinic keratosis, a premalignant skin condition. They are sharing their thoughts on the importance of early diagnosis and treatment and are delving into treatment options, in particular photodynamic treatments.

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00:00 Introduction

00:55 Educating your patients with actinic keratosis on progression to squamous cell carcinoma and field cancerization.

06:15 The different treatments options available for actinic keratosis.

07:42 Evidence based treatment selection in actinic keratosis; sequencing and combining therapies

10:48 Photodynamictherapy for treatment of actinic keratosis

14:38 Comparing blue versus red light

20:30 Comparison studies on photodynamic therapy used with various used in combination with formulations of photosensitizing agent

24:10 Optimizing the use of photodynamic therapy for extremities in patients with actinic keratosis

27:50 The efficacy, safety and adherence of the different treatment modalities based in actinic keratosis

31:45 Summary