Preparing for a New Era in IgAN Treatment: Staying up to Date on the Latest Developments in Targeted Immune-Modulating Therapies - Episode 8

The Future of IgA Nephropathy Treatment

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Jonathan Barratt, PhD, FRCP, and Brad Rovin, MD, discuss the future of IgAN treatment, highlighting the BlyS/APRIL axis.

This is a video synopsis/summary of a panel discussion involving Jonathan Barratt, PhD, FRCP, and Brad Rovin, MD.

In this discussion, Jonathan Barratt, PhD, FRCP, and Brad Rovin, MD anticipate the imminent release of phase three data for drugs targeting the BAFF (B-cell activating factor) and APRIL (A proliferation-inducing ligand) axis, particularly April only and April and BAFF approaches. They foresee the potential availability of these drugs on the market within the next 24 months if they prove effective and gain approval.

The conversation shifts to safety concerns, emphasizing the favorable risk profile regarding hypogammaglobulinemia and infections associated with BAFF and APRIL inhibitors. Notably, the discussion touches on the crucial issue of vaccine responsiveness, highlighting preliminary data suggesting a less pronounced negative impact on vaccine responses compared to CD20-depleting therapies, especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Barratt concludes by urging viewers to keep a close eye on developments in the BAFF/APRIL axis, predicting its integration into the daily practice of healthcare professionals specializing in kidney diseases. He highlights the excitement surrounding established drugs like sibeprenlimab and atacicept, as well as promising newcomers like povetacicept, encouraging viewers to stay informed about forthcoming clinical data in this rapidly evolving field.

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