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Increased Risk of Ischemic Heart Disease in Patients With Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

12 hours ago

The risk of ischemia heart disease was significantly higher in the SLE cohort when compared with controls, with risks peaking between the 6th and 9th year post-diagnosis.

Analysis Suggests Cost-Effectiveness of Ranibizumab Biosimilar for nAMD Treatment

13 hours ago

An analysis based in Japan suggests ranibizumab biosimilar is dominant to other anti-VEGF treatments in patients with nAMD in both treat-and-extend and PRN regimens.

Reena Mehra, MD: Biomarkers and Endophenotypes for Personalized Patient Care

14 hours ago

In recent years, the field of endophenotyping has garnered significant attention in sleep health, signaling a growing recognition of the need to move beyond simplistic measures.

Rheumatology Month in Review: May 2023

15 hours ago

The rheumatology month in review highlights a program developed by Janssen to support health equity, the increased risks pregnant women with rheumatic diseases face, and trends in fibromyalgia management.

Recommendations for Management of Rare Dermatological Disorders in Critical Care Setting

16 hours ago

Boni Elewski, MD, and Benjamin Kaffenberger, MD, and Carly Elston, MD, provide their recommendations for clinicians who are taking care of patients with rare dermatological disorders in the critical care setting.