Optimizing Outpatient Care: Clinical Strategies for Managing Hepatic Encephalopathy in Primary Practice - Episode 7

Current Hepatic Encephalopathy Therapies Targeting Gut-Liver Axis Disturbance

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Nancy Reau, MD, leads a discussion on the current abnormality-targeting agents used to prevent and treat hepatic encephalopathy (HE) by addressing the gut-liver axis, specifically focusing on lactulose or lactitol and rifaximin, while also explaining their mechanisms of action and adverse event profiles.

  1. Which agents do we have to target abnormalities in gut-liver axis to prevent and treat HE? (lactulose or lactitol, rifaximin) Sanchez-Delgado et al 2016
    • What is the mechanism of action of these therapies?
    • What is their tolerability and their side effect profile?