Optimizing Outpatient Care: Clinical Strategies for Managing Hepatic Encephalopathy in Primary Practice - Episode 3

HE Experts on Symptoms, Risk Factors, Diagnosis Challenges, and Severity Grading

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The expert panelists explore the symptoms and risk factors associated with HE, the challenges in diagnosing the condition due to its resemblance to neuropsychiatric l disorders, and the methods used to assess and grade the severity of the disease.

Please describe the symptoms and risk factors associated with HE?

  • Clinical diagnosis
  • Approaches to diagnosis that are concordant with current guideline recommendations.

Please explain how HE is classified and why it matters? Also, how do we grade severity?Vilstrup et al 2014

  • What is the distinction between covert and overt hepatic encephalopathy? Bellafante et al 2024