How Approval of Resmetirom Impacts Management, Screening for NASH - Episode 5

How New Therapies Change Discussions Around Screening, Management of MASH

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In the final installment in our 5-part video series, our pair of experts in hepatology touch upon how an approval for MASH would impact conversations around screening for asymptomatic patient populations.

In the final part of our 5-part video series, Arab and Banerjee discuss how an approval for MASH, such as resmetirom might shift discussions about the need for screening from reactive to proactive. The pair conclude the overall discussion by highlighting the importance of implementing screening strategies for asymptomatic patients with suspected liver disease. Banerjee outlines that establishing outpatient community diagnostic centers, where patients undergo blood tests and scans to determine their eligibility for treatment, will be critical in the UK and elsewhere. He highlights the role of primary care providers in prescribing medications based on recommendations from specialist clinics.

Arab also emphasized the importance of preventive medicine and the need to allocate resources effectively to target high-risk populations. He discusses the triage process in Ontario, Canada, where patients are assessed based on their risk of advanced liver disease and referred for further testing accordingly. Later, the pair agree on the necessity of non-invasive assessments, such as transient elastography, to identify patients who may benefit from treatment.

Before concluding the conversation, Arab and Banerjee touch on the scalability of screening programs, with Banerjee mentioning the increasing accessibility of diagnostic tests like MRI and fibroscan. Both experts commented on the availability of these technologies and emphasize the importance of tailoring screening strategies to each health system's resources and population needs.

Editor’s Note: This conversation was recorded on March 14, 2024 prior to the FDA’s approval of resmetirom.

Arab has no relevant disclosures to report. Banerjee’s disclosures include Perspectum Ltd.