How Approval of Resmetirom Impacts Management, Screening for NASH - Episode 1

Understanding NASH/NAFLD vs MASH/MASLD

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In part 1 of this 5-part video series, our experts in hepatology discuss the recent change in nomenclature for NASH/NAFLD as compared to MASH/MASLD and how it effects management.

This portion of our HCPLive peer-to-peer discussion on the impact of resmetirom’s approval on management of NASH revolves around the recent change in nomenclature from NASH/NAFLD to MASH/MASLD.

In this video, our experts in hepatology, Juan Pablo Arab, MD, and Rajarshi Banerjee, MD, PhD, MSc, an internist affiliated with Oxford University Hospitals and the chief executive officer and founder of Perspectum Diagnostics Ltd., discuss the transition in nomenclature from "nonalcoholic steatohepatitis" to "metabolic dysfunction-associated steatohepatitis" or MASH.

Arab introduces the topic and poses the question of what this change means to Banerjee. In his response, Banerjee emphasizes the inadequacy of defining a condition by what it is not, as seen in the previous term "non-alcoholic," and advocates for a more accurate description rooted in metabolic origins. He acknowledges the “clunkiness” of the new nomenclature but considers it a step in the right direction, suggesting "metabolic dysfunction-associated" as a preferable alternative. Overall, the discussion highlights the importance of evolving terminology to better reflect the understanding of liver diseases and move away from pejorative labels.

Editor’s Note: This conversation was recorded on March 14, 2024 prior to the FDA’s approval of resmetirom.

Arab has no relevant disclosures to report. Banerjee’s disclosures include Perspectum Ltd.