Protecting Cardiorenal Function in Diabetic Kidney Disease - Episode 1

Protecting Cardiorenal Function In Diabetic Kidney Disease

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Dhiren Patel, PharmD, and Bob Busch, MD, interview Fatima Cody Stanford, MD, MPH, MPA, an obesity medicine specialist, to examine the cardiovascular (CV) impact of obesity and delve into the potential benefits of newer weight loss medications in mitigating CV risk and heart failure.

1:27 Diabetes, kidney disease, and CV risk interrelationship

3:54 Expanding indications for SGLT2 inhibitors for CV risk reduction

5:40 CV benefits of SGLT2 inhibitors in clinical trials

7:20 Use of finerenone for CKD

9:20 Using stage and severity of CKD to guide treatment choice

14:00 Benefits of combining finerenone with SGLT2 inhibitors

16:30 Potential use of GLP 1 agonists for CKD

19:20 Considerations for incorporating therapies for CKD

23:00 Key takeaways on using new treatments for CKD