Protecting Cardiorenal Function in Diabetic Kidney Disease

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Experts discuss the intricate relationship between diabetes, kidney disease, and cardiovascular function and explore the evolving landscape of therapies with cardiorenal benefits.

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1:27 Diabetes, kidney disease, and CV risk interrelationship

3:54 Expanding indications for SGLT2 inhibitors for CV risk reduction

5:40 CV benefits of SGLT2 inhibitors in clinical trials

7:20 Use of finerenone for CKD

9:20 Using stage and severity of CKD to guide treatment choice

14:00 Benefits of combining finerenone with SGLT2 inhibitors

16:30 Potential use of GLP 1 agonists for CKD

19:20 Considerations for incorporating therapies for CKD

23:00 Key takeaways on using new treatments for CKD