Navigating The Evolving Landscape of Adalimumab Biosimilars for Inflammatory Disease - Episode 9

Switching From Adalimumab to a Biosimilar

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Specialists in rheumatology, dermatology and gastrointestinal disease discuss the evidence on efficacy and safety on switching patient to an adalimumab biosimilar.

This is a video synopsis/summary of a panel discussion involving Jamie T. Brogan, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC; Kostas Botsoglou, MD; Jordan Axelrad, MD, MPH; Sophia Humphreys, PharmD, MHA; and Peter Lio, MD.

An expert discusses the safe transition of patients from a reference product to a biosimilar. He emphasizes that although biosimilars may not be identical, they are sufficiently similar in every parameter. The primary concern during transition is ensuring coverage, as issues with insurance approval can disrupt medication supply. Preparing samples and ensuring insurance approval beforehand can prevent such interruptions.

Proactive patient education is crucial, as the speaker’s practice informed stable patients in advance about potential manufacturer switches. This preemptive communication helped patients anticipate changes and maintain confidence in the effectiveness and safety of the new product.

Another physician emphasizes the importance of patient education, particularly regarding the "nocebo effect" associated with biosimilars, which can lead to unnecessary treatment withdrawal. Educating patients about potential logistical challenges and reassuring them about product safety is essential.

Consistent education across all healthcare staff is emphasized to build patient confidence and prevent misinformation. Patient concerns about efficacy and safety can be addressed by reviewing clinical data and reassuring them of the equivalence of biosimilars to reference products.

Logistical challenges, such as ensuring timely medication delivery, are highlighted as critical for patient safety, as interruptions in treatment could lead to loss of disease control. Bridging programs and support services can help mitigate these logistical concerns and ensure continuity of care during transitions.

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