Navigating The Evolving Landscape of Adalimumab Biosimilars for Inflammatory Disease - Episode 11

The Role of Health Care Providers on Encouraging Adalimumab Biosimilar Use

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Healthcare providers in inflammatory diseases talk about the role they have on encouraging adalimumab biosimilar use in clinical practice.

This is a video synopsis/summary of a panel discussion involving Jamie T. Brogan, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC; Kostas Botsoglou, MD; Jordan Axelrad, MD, MPH; Sophia Humphreys, PharmD, MHA; and Peter Lio, MD.

The discussion centers on how healthcare professionals can promote the use of adalimumab biosimilars and enhance patient care. The consensus is that biosimilars offer comparable efficacy and safety to the originator drug, with improved accessibility for patients. Encouragingly, dermatologists, among others, are being urged to consider these options for their patients.

Healthcare professionals emphasize the importance of patient education and cost savings as key factors in promoting biosimilar adoption. Educating both providers and patients about biosimilars, including their regulatory approval process and safety profile, is essential for widespread acceptance. Financial considerations, such as copay savings, also play a significant role in patient decision-making.

Overall, the aim is to assure patients of the efficacy and safety of biosimilars and to equip healthcare providers with the knowledge needed to support their use effectively.

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