Updates and Unmet Needs in PBC - Episode 4

Beyond Current Standards: Emerging Therapies for Primary Biliary Cholangitis

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In this video segment, Palak and Trivedi dive into a discussion on emerging therapies and therapeutic targets for management of PBC.

In this segment of our HCPLive Special Report on Updates and Unmet Needs in Primary Biliary Cholangitis, Palak Trivedi, MD, PhD, and James Boyer, MD, explore emerging therapies for primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) and their potential impact. Trivedi expresses enthusiasm for next-generation PPAR agonists and ileal bile acid transporter inhibitors (IBAT inhibitors), which have shown promise in treating congenital cholestasis disorders and are now being tested in PBC and PSC.

He highlights the potential of these agents to reduce cholestasis and improve cognitive impairment and fatigue, marking them as first-in-class treatments for these symptoms. James Boyer, MD, adds that preliminary results for IBAT inhibitors have shown significant improvements in pruritus and fatigue, indicating their potential to lower bile acid pool size and reduce liver inflammation. The discussion emphasizes the need for continued observation and validation through further studies.

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Subject Matter Experts:

  • James Boyer, MD, Ensign Professor of Medicine at Yale School of Medicine and the Founder and Emeritus Director of the Yale Liver Center.
  • Palak Trivedi, MD, PhD, Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant Hepatologist and Clinical Research Director for Industry Engagement at the University of Birmingham. Also serves as an investigator on the open-label ASSURE trial of seladelpar in patients with PBC.