Updates and Unmet Needs in PBC - Episode 3

Clinical and Patient Perspectives on Unmet Needs in PBC Management

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In this video segment, Palak and Trivedi break down their perspectives on the current state of unmet need in primary biliary cholangitis from a clinical and patient perspective.

In this segment of our HCPLive Special Report on Updates and Unmet Needs in PBC, Palak Trivedi, MD, PhD, and James Boyer, MD, delve into the major unmet needs in PBC management from both clinical and patient perspectives. Trivedi stresses the goal of achieving lower alkaline phosphatase levels to extend patient life expectancy and improve quality of life for patients with primary biliary cholangitis (PBC). They discuss the partial success of new drugs in normalizing these levels and the potential necessity of combination therapies.

From the patient’s viewpoint, while newer therapies have shown promise in reducing pruritus, significant challenges remain in addressing cognitive dysfunction and fatigue associated with PBC. Trivedi calls for incorporating health-related quality of life tools and patient-reported outcomes in efficacy trials to better address these aspects.

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Subject Matter Experts:

  • James Boyer, MD, Ensign Professor of Medicine at Yale School of Medicine and the Founder and Emeritus Director of the Yale Liver Center.
  • Palak Trivedi, MD, PhD, Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant Hepatologist and Clinical Research Director for Industry Engagement at the University of Birmingham. Also serves as an investigator on the open-label ASSURE trial of seladelpar in patients with PBC.