Updates and Unmet Needs in PBC - Episode 5

Improving Strategies for Management of Primary Biliary Cholangitis

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In this video segment, Palak and Trivedi discuss strategies for improving the management of patients in real-world settings given recent advances in therapies and pathophysiology.

In the final segment of our HCPLive Special Report on Updates and Unmet Needs in Primary Biliary Cholangitis, Palak Trivedi, MD, PhD, and James Boyer, MD, discuss strategies for better supporting primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) patients in managing their condition. Boyer underscores the importance of early diagnosis, particularly in primary care, and advocates for increased awareness among primary care physicians about PBC and the significance of testing for anti-mitochondrial antibodies in at-risk patients. They also highlight the need to address side effects like pruritus comprehensively.

Trivedi mentions a recent initiative from the Netherlands, which involves a patient-facing document that helps patients optimize their consultations with healthcare providers. This tool aims to enhance value-based healthcare by enabling patients to better communicate their needs and concerns during medical visits, reflecting the broader goals of patient empowerment and improved disease management.

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Subject Matter Experts:

  • James Boyer, MD, Ensign Professor of Medicine at Yale School of Medicine and the Founder and Emeritus Director of the Yale Liver Center.
  • Palak Trivedi, MD, PhD, Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant Hepatologist and Clinical Research Director for Industry Engagement at the University of Birmingham. Also serves as an investigator on the open-label ASSURE trial of seladelpar in patients with PBC.