Optimizing Outcomes When Using Biologics for Treatment of Psoriasis - Episode 3

Biologics for Psoriasis: TNF Blockers

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Experts discuss the use of TNF blockers in treating plaque psoriasis and their limited but important uses today.

The consensus among the group is that TNF blockers are less favored compared to newer biologics like IL-17s and IL-23s, especially in the absence of specific comorbidities such as rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory bowel disease. However, the specialists highlight ways in which TNF blockers have their place in the therapeutic landscape. Mona highlights the use of TNF blockers during pregnancy due to their documented safety and efficacy in this population, although their preference leans towards other biologics outside of pregnancy. The group emphasizes the advantages of newer biologics, including durable remissions and fewer injections, and therefore more appealing to patients. They also discuss the potential benefits of certain biologics before pregnancy, offering women of childbearing potential the option for long-term remission without the need for treatment during their pregnancy. Overall, the group expresses a general shift away from TNF blockers in favor of more advanced biologics for treating plaque psoriasis, considering both efficacy and safety profiles.

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