Optimizing Outcomes When Using Biologics for Treatment of Psoriasis - Episode 6

Unraveling Boxed Warnings: Exploring/Examining Risks in Biologic Treatment Classes

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Experts highlight how a history of cancer may impact psoriasis treatment decisions while touching on the safety profiles of newer IL agents.

The experts discuss the management of psoriasis in patients with a history of cancer, emphasizing the favorable safety profile of IL-17 and IL-23 blockers compared to TNF inhibitors, which carry a boxed warning for cancer, particularly lymphoma. They note that patients with a history of cancer beyond five years or in remission can be safely considered for IL-17 and IL-23 blockers, and they advocate for collaboration with oncologists to ensure comprehensive care.

In cases where patients are undergoing cancer treatment or have a new cancer diagnosis, the dermatologists acknowledge the lack of clinical trial data but express comfort in prescribing IL-17 and IL-23 blockers based on real-world evidence. They highlight the importance of individualized treatment decisions, patient communication, and collaboration with oncologists to ensure patient safety and optimal outcomes. Additionally, they discuss alternative treatment options such as acitretin and phototherapy for patients with a history of cancer or concerns about immunosuppression. They share experiences of successful psoriasis management in patients with lymphoma using IL-17 blockers, underscoring the need for caution and close monitoring in such cases while recognizing the significant impact of psoriasis treatments on patient quality of life.

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