Optimizing Outcomes When Using Biologics for Treatment of Psoriasis - Episode 10

Warnings and Precautions for Newer Psoriasis Treatments

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Experts discuss package warnings associated with bimekizumab and how they inform patients of them.

Regarding the warnings in the bimekizumab package insert, specifically about suicidal ideation and elevated liver enzymes, different approaches are taken by physicians in discussing these potential side effects with patients, but each aim to address those concerns with their patients.

Regarding suicidal ideation, some physicians proactively address it with patients, discussing the very rare occurrence of suicidal behavior observed in clinical trials in order for complete transparency. They may reassure patients that no causal association has been established and encourage open communication if any changes in mood or symptoms are noticed. Others may not explicitly mention this warning but address the broader impact of psoriasis on mental health, even directly asking patients about their mental wellbeing, and encouraging patients to report any concerns.

Concerning elevated liver enzymes, physicians acknowledge the recommendation for monitoring but may customize the frequency based on individual patient factors such as comorbidities and suspicion of liver disease. They emphasize the need for initial screening before treatment initiation and potentially more frequent monitoring in high-risk patients. Despite the warning, physicians highlight that elevations in liver enzymes are typically mild and manageable, often related to factors such as fatty liver or alcohol consumption.

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