Optimizing Care in Atopic Dermatitis: Advanced Practice Provider Insights on Biologic and Systemic Therapies - Episode 12

Clinical Pearls on AD Management

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Andrea Nguyen, PA, shares her clinical pearls on taking care of patients with AD.

This is a video synopsis/summary of a panel discussion involving Melodie Young, NP, and Andrea Nguyen, PA.

In this segment, the discussion centers on providing advice and encouragement for healthcare professionals, particularly those entering the field or adjusting their approach to adhere to newer guidelines for managing atopic dermatitis (AD). The speakers acknowledge the increasing prevalence of AD, emphasizing the substantial number of patients with significant body involvement who may require more than just topical therapies.

The advice includes a systematic approach to learning about the various therapeutic categories, such as monoclonal antibodies, biologics, oral Jack inhibitors, and topicals. The recommendation is to start with a focused exploration of one category to build confidence before expanding knowledge across all therapy options. Anticipating continuous development in the next 5 to 10 years, there is emphasis on creating an efficient workflow and clinic template to streamline the prescription process for these complex therapies.

The conversation concludes with the suggestion of possible future discussions on using telemedicine for AD management, highlighting its effectiveness in treating chronic diseases like AD.

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