Optimizing Care in Atopic Dermatitis: Advanced Practice Provider Insights on Biologic and Systemic Therapies - Episode 11

The Future of AD Treatment

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Melodie Young NP and Andrea Nguyen, PA look into the future of AD management.

This is a video synopsis/summary of a panel discussion involving Melodie Young, NP, and Andrea Nguyen, PA.

In this conversation, the speakers reflect on the significant advancements in the management of atopic dermatitis (AD) over the past 15 years. They express gratitude for the current plethora of therapeutic options, a scenario that was unforeseen in the past. The discussion includes anticipation of potential new topical agents entering the AD market and the excitement surrounding evolving treatment options.

Looking ahead to the next decade, the speakers share their expectations for further refinement of therapeutic products, emphasizing the uniqueness of individual immune responses. They discuss the positive impact of personalized medicine, where patients can switch between different therapeutic agents based on their specific responses.

The conversation highlights the potential shift in treatment outcomes, aiming for higher efficacy numbers, particularly EASI (eczema area and severity index)90 responses, with a combination of systemic agents and advanced topical therapies. The speakers express hope for achieving a level of precision in treatment similar to that seen in psoriasis care, tailoring interventions to target-specific areas of involvement.

The discussion concludes with considerations for intervening earlier in familial cases and encouraging proactive adherence to updated care guidelines. The speakers emphasize the ongoing importance of clinical trials and research in understanding and managing AD, acknowledging the significance of dedicated patient care in dealing with this chronic condition.

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