Optimizing Care in Atopic Dermatitis: Advanced Practice Provider Insights on Biologic and Systemic Therapies - Episode 7

Selecting the Appropriate Treatment for Your Patient

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Andrea Nguyen, PA shares insight on selecting the appropriate treatment for different patients with AD.

This is a video synopsis/summary of a panel discussion involving Melodie Young, NP, and Andrea Nguyen, PA.

In this discussion, clinicians discuss the use of systemic and biologic agents for treating atopic dermatitis, focusing on considerations for patient selection. The conversation touches upon various medications, including dupilumab and JAK (Janus kinase) inhibitors. The primary question revolves around identifying the appropriate patients for these advanced therapeutic options.

Melodie Young, NP, emphasizes that certain biologics, like dupilumab, have pediatric indications. The discussion expands to address the criteria for considering systemic or biologic therapy for atopic dermatitis. Andrea Nguyen, PA, argues against reserving these options solely for severe cases, advocating for a broader application.

Nguyen suggests that patients with moderate atopic dermatitis and a significant impact on their quality of life should be considered for systemic or biologic therapy. She highlights the importance of individual patient characteristics, such as needle aversion or the ability to adhere to dosing schedules, in determining suitability for these treatments.

Nguyen also points out that patients with comorbidities or those taking multiple medications may benefit from monoclonal antibodies due to their minimal impact on pharmacokinetics. She discusses the suitability of oral agents, like JAK inhibitors, emphasizing their fast onset of action but noting the need for lab monitoring.

The conversation concludes with Nguyen acknowledging the success of advanced topical therapy, indicating that not all patients with atopic dermatitis may require systemic or biologic options. Overall, the clinicians stress the importance of tailoring treatment decisions based on individual patient characteristics and disease severity.

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