Optimizing Treatment of Psoriasis in Patients with Skin of Color - Episode 10

Data With Biologics in Patients With Skin of Color

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Dr Linda Stein Gold, Dr Mona Shahriari and Dr Seemal Desai share how they utilize biologics data from skin of color cohorts in their practice.

This is a video synopsis/summary of a panel discussion involving Linda Stein Gold, MD; Mona Shahriari, MD, FAAD; and Seemal Desai, MD.

The conversation revolves around the significance of post-hoc analyses in biologic studies for patients with skin of color, emphasizing their importance in guiding treatment decisions. While these analyses may not replicate the rigor of randomized controlled trials, they provide valuable insights into treatment efficacy and safety for diverse patient populations.

The discussion highlights various studies, including systematic reviews and specific biologic trials, which have examined treatment outcomes in patients with skin of color. It is noted that despite the need for more dedicated studies with larger sample sizes, post-hoc analyses reveal promising results, indicating comparable treatment responses and safety profiles across different ethnicities.

The speakers stress the relevance of this data in clinical practice, particularly in addressing patient concerns and building trust in the healthcare system. By utilizing the findings from these analyses, clinicians can tailor treatment recommendations based on individual patient needs and preferences.

Furthermore, the conversation touches upon the role of conferences and meetings in disseminating research findings, underscoring the importance of raising awareness and promoting inclusivity in clinical trial participation. Despite the challenges posed by limited representation in large clinical trials, the speakers express optimism about the potential of dedicated studies to provide comprehensive insights into treatment outcomes for patients with skin of color.

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