Optimizing Treatment of Psoriasis in Patients with Skin of Color - Episode 8

Results of VISIBLE Trial in Patients With Skin of Color

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Dermatology experts highlight VISIBLE trial results when using guselkumab in patients with skin of color.

This is a video synopsis/summary of a panel discussion involving Linda Stein Gold, MD; Mona Shahriari, MD, FAAD; and Seemal Desai, MD.

The conversation revolves around the significant findings of the Visible study, which focused on understanding psoriasis treatment outcomes in patients with skin of color. The trial demonstrated the efficacy of guselkumab in both traditional plaque psoriasis patients (cohort A) and those with scalp involvement (cohort B). Particularly noteworthy were the results from cohort B, where a high percentage of patients achieved complete clearance, indicating significant improvement for this patient population.

The study generated a vast database of over 20,000 images, which will serve as a valuable resource for medical education and improving disease management. The speakers emphasize the importance of such resources in educating dermatologists worldwide, especially in regions with diverse skin types.

Furthermore, the study's results suggest a shift towards earlier consideration of systemic therapy for psoriasis patients, especially those with skin of color. Early intervention can potentially prevent post-inflammatory pigment alterations and improve patients' quality of life.

The transcript highlights real-life impact stories, such as a patient who experienced transformative results from the drug, leading to improved quality of life and increased confidence. Additionally, the study revealed that nearly half of the patients reported no impact of psoriasis on their daily lives, underscoring the remarkable success of the treatment.

Overall, the VISIBLE study represents a significant advancement in understanding and managing psoriasis in diverse patient populations, emphasizing the need for early intervention and tailored treatment approaches.

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