Optimizing Treatment of Psoriasis in Patients with Skin of Color - Episode 9

Early Use of Systemic Treatments in Patients With Skin of Color

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Drs Stein Gold and Desai share their thoughts on the early use of psoriasis systemic treatments in patients with skin of color.

This is a video synopsis/summary of a panel discussion involving Linda Stein Gold, MD; Mona Shahriari, MD, FAAD; and Seemal Desai, MD.

The discussion delves into the challenges of initiating systemic therapy for psoriasis patients and how to effectively communicate its necessity. It emphasizes the importance of early intervention to prevent future complications and improve patient outcomes, regardless of ethnicity or skin type.

An expert dermatologist emphasizes the need to view all psoriasis patients equally and highlights the significance of data from studies like VISIBLE in supporting treatment decisions. He stresses the importance of addressing patient concerns such as safety, cost, and distrust in the medical system, while framing the conversation around collaboration between patient and physician.

Furthermore, the discussion touches upon the potential benefits of early treatment in minimizing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and the ongoing research to elucidate the pathophysiology of PIH across different diseases. While the exact mechanisms are not yet fully understood, ongoing research aims to provide more insights into the nuances of PIH in various dermatological conditions.

Overall, the conversation underscores the importance of proactive treatment approaches and ongoing research efforts to improve outcomes for psoriasis patients, irrespective of their background or skin type.

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