Transforming Retinal Disease Management with Novel Therapies - Episode 8

Perspectives on Loading Dose Recommendations for New Therapies

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Experts discuss the practice of loading doses for newer agents and when they would consider this suitable for patients.


In this segment, the experts discuss the practice of loading doses when switching patients to aflibercept 8 mg. David Eichenbaum, MD inquires whether the experts recommend loading when transitioning patients, especially those who are already on a different treatment cadence. Kenny Fan, MD expresses hesitation in convincing patients to undergo loading when switching from a less frequent dosing schedule to aflibercept 8 mg. He highlights the challenge of persuading patients to undergo a more intensive treatment schedule, especially if they are already satisfied with their current regimen. Seenu Hariprasad, MD suggests that the decision to load depends on the specific scenario. For patients who have been on a stable regimen for an extended period, he may not opt for loading. However, for those with persistent disease activity, he considers taking advantage of loading doses for a more aggressive approach. Diana Do, MD notes that she typically reserves loading for treatment-naive patients. However, if there is substantial disease activity, she supports being aggressive with loading doses to provide patients with the best chance for vision improvement.

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