Transforming Retinal Disease Management with Novel Therapies - Episode 4

Real-World Experiences With Faricimab

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Experts share their real-world experience with second-generation therapies, focusing on faricimab.


The discussion shifts to the real-world experience with faricimab, focusing on its durability compared to the results reported in clinical trials. David Brown, MD expresses that, while the drug has maintained its safety profile in the real world, its duration of effect has been a point of disappointment. Seenu Hariprasad, MD concurs with Brown's assessment, highlighting that real-world durability often falls short of the optimistic projections seen in clinical trials. In this case, the trial focused on treatment-naïve patients who did experience extended treatment intervals; in clinic, however, these durability outcomes did not transfer to patients who are not treatment-naive. Both panelists emphasize the need to manage patient expectations and caution against overestimating the drug's efficacy in routine clinical settings compared to the controlled environment of clinical trials.

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