Transforming Retinal Disease Management with Novel Therapies - Episode 7

Perspectives on Retinal Fluid Management

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Experts discuss the importance of fluid management, presenting a range of perspectives on managing complex cases.


In this segment, the discussion centers around the concept of complete fluid resolution and its significance. David Eichenbaum, MD raises the question to David Brown, MD asking whether patients who have met the extension criteria and achieved complete fluid resolution at 20 or 24 weeks are genuinely benefiting from the drug by that point. David Brown responds by referring to prior studies that had strict criteria for treatment. He notes that around 15 to 20% of patients met the criteria after three doses and were done with treatment. He emphasizes the importance of understanding how many patients, especially at the 20 or 24-week mark, are truly completely dry. He continues, expressing his preference for having criteria similar to aflibercept 8 milligrams and reports, which would provide information on how many patients achieved complete fluid resolution at extended intervals. He underscores the need for accurate data to distinguish between patients who may not need further treatment and those who would benefit from ongoing therapy based on fluid status.

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