Transforming Retinal Disease Management with Novel Therapies - Episode 3

When to Switch to More Efficacious Agents

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Experts discuss the timing of switching agents, particularly when switching to newer agents like aflibercept 8 mg or faricimab.


Experts discuss the strategy of switching patients to more efficacious, second-generation agents like aflibercept 8 milligrams or faricimab. Eichenbaum emphasizes his preference for swift transitioning to these second-generation therapies, considering them more potent and durable. He inquires whether the other panelists share a similar approach or if they prefer a more gradual transition, reserving the more potent agents as a last resort. Kenneth Fan, MD, MBA expresses a preference for an aggressive approach, aiming to start with aflibercept 8 milligrams or faricimab to achieve better long-term outcomes. He advocates for personalized treatment plans, emphasizing a clear and rationale reason for switching therapies based on anatomical and visual responses. The trials, such as PULSAR and PHOTON, have contributed significant insights into treatment intervals and dose modifications. Fan, MD, MBA underscores the importance of communicating these decisions transparently to patients, ensuring they understand the rationale behind the switch.

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