Transforming Retinal Disease Management with Novel Therapies - Episode 11

The Status of Gene Therapy Development for Retinal Diseases

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Experts shift to the prospect of gene therapy in treating retinal diseases.


This segment shifts towards the future of retinal therapies, focusing on gene therapy. David Eichenbaum, MD asks Kenny Fan, MD, MBA about his perspective on gene therapy and the status of ongoing trials. Fan expresses optimism and mentions his enthusiasm for gene therapy, particularly due to the promising clinical and preclinical data. He acknowledges that gene therapy has significant potential, not only for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetes but also for other hereditary retinal diseases. Fan touches on intravitreal gene therapy and subretinal gene therapy, highlighting their potential benefits. He mentions that the initial results from certain gene therapy trials have been optimistic, and he looks forward to more phase 3 data to further assess the impact of gene therapy on retinal diseases. David Eichenbaum, MD adds to the discussion by distinguishing between gene augmentation for common retinal diseases and gene replacement for inherited retinal diseases. The conversation reflects a sense of optimism and hope for the transformative potential of gene therapy in the treatment of retinal diseases.

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