Transforming Retinal Disease Management with Novel Therapies - Episode 5

Real-World Experiences With Aflibercept 8mg

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Experts share their real-world experience with aflibercept 8 mg, comparing it to its predecessor, aflibercept 2 mg.


Experts discuss their experiences with aflibercept 8 mg in the real world. Diana Do, MD mentions that, as an early adopter, she has started using aflibercept 8 mg in both treatment-naive and treatment-experienced patients. She notes a spectrum of responses, with some patients showing significant improvements in vision and reductions in retinal thickness, while others, particularly those with challenging, previously treated eyes, may still need closer follow-up. Kenny Fan, MD, MBA agrees with her, and emphasizes how aflibercept 8 milligrams will be used in a larger patient population with larger lesions, prior experience with other medications, and various comorbidities. He mentions that most of his patients on aflibercept 8 mg are in the Medicare population with neovascular age-related macular edema (nAMD), and he has been generally pleased with the results. However, he acknowledges the need for more data collection in the real-world setting, especially concerning the label extension after the initial three-month injections.

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